Element Step

Element Step
Element Step Element_STEP_amb


Recessed pathmarker for indoor mounting. Painted aluminium structure. Recessed box (mandatory for the installation) and LED source to be ordered separately. Plate for floor covering.

CodeFinishingPowerCCTLumen Output
L15430-01SilverLED 1x1W 350mA3000K30
L15430-02SilverLED 1x1W 350mA4000K35
L15431-01WhiteLED 1x1W 350mA3000K30
L15431-02WhiteLED 1x1W 350mA4000K35
L15432-01BlackLED 1x1W 350mA3000K30
L15432-02BlackLED 1x1W 350mA4000K35
Trimless recessed box. Grants an aesthetic continousness between the product and
the recessed mounting surface.