AREALITE was founded in 1989. Today it’s one of the most modern and specialized italian manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lighting equipments. The Arealite lamps can be installed in gardens, homes, offices or wherever there is the need of illuminate with taste. Showroom and offices are located in Cornaredo, in a 10.000 square meter industrial area that can deliver any order within 48/72 hours.

AREALITE products are patented and fully made by internal know-how. All devices are assembled with Italian or European components. Plastic ceiling lights, lighting equipments for office and public places and lighting fixtures in die-cast aluminum and glass, will guarantee you any possible solution for your lighting issues. The amount of lamps sold all over the world will allow you to find the Arealite products in any country.

New Products

Recent Projects

Masseria Melcarne

Salento, 2016


Roberto’s Barber Shop

Emilia Romagna, 2016


Terme Stabiane

Scavi di Pompeii, 2016


Agostinelli Chemist’s Shop

Uggiate Trevano - Como, 2016